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How to Buy

1. Select Product

Select main category, Jil or Sahara from Collection. Filter or sort products to find your desired product. For a complete description and larger view of the image, click on the product.

2. Add to Bag

Select your size and quantity, then click ADD TO SHOPPING BAG. The item will be added to your shopping bag. You can access the shopping bag below the main navigation. You can continue your shopping.

3. Proceed to Purchase

If you're still browsing at the product catalog, you could also click on the shopping bag tab below the main navigation to review your items and choose CHECK OUT to finalize your order.

4. Check Out

You could see all your products here and change the quantity if necessary. If you're here as a guest, you need to fill in shipping address. For faster check out, you could login as a member so you don't need to fill in the shipping address everytime.

5. Select Payment

We give you few options with the payment methods. Please select the most suitable option for you. If you choose OTHERS, we will get in touch via email or phone to discuss the payment method.

6. Confirm Order

Click CHECKOUT NOW to submit your order. An ORDER ID appear on screen, and you will also receive an email report regarding your order. Please wait for further instruction 1x24 hours max to review your order. We will give you the instruction of the payment on the email.

7. Confirm Payment

When you have completed your payment, send us an email with your ORDER ID, YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NAME, and AMOUNT OF THE TRANSFER to confirm your payment. You will receive your payment confirmation via email after you have submitted your payment details and your product will be delivered right after that.