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About Jil & SAHARA

Stella Liem is the founder and designer of JIL. Gifted with a love of fashion and design since she was young, Stella was able to establish her first clothing line, JIL, in December 2008. The JIL collection, made mainly from linen and cotton, catered to women looking for casual and daily outfits. In June 2009, due to the massive demand from her customers to offer a wider range of clothing for more formal or dressy occasions, the SAHARA collection was born. The SAHARA collection, made mainly from fine silk, offers cocktail and evening dresses to women.

The boutique is located in Kemang, South Jakarta which is popular as a shopping and dining area. It is also a well-known housing district for many expatriates and foreigners. JIL currently owns a two-storey commercial building where its shop is located. It competes with many other fashion retail stores in the neighborhood from both international and local brands such as FJL (multi-brand store offering international brands), Biasa, Alleira, DindaRella, BIN House etc.

As a brand that has 4 years experience in retail fashion industry, JIL is capable of building up the customers’ confidence and interest on fashion trends is also successful in promoting and developing its brand awareness as is evident in the loyalty of its customers. Due to the simplicity and timelessness of the designs, both JIL and SAHARA collections have become mainstays in many magazines fashion spreads.